The Scientific Study of Clay Target Shooting

Case Study #3 DryFire Combined with SportExcel


1/3/2015 Room Orientation Decision

  • We have been working through a variety of different layouts for DryFire in the subject's home.  The room to be used for this case study has a very tall cathedral ceiling which cuts in the side wall.  Prior to building a frame for the 10-foot long backdrop, we decided to run a trial using the capabilities of DryFire for angled walls.  WOW.  That's quite a feature. I have to say, the mathematics required for this arrangement is pretty impressive.  If I had to go that way, I'm sure it would work.  However, for the subject, watching the laser move from horizontal 2-D to moving toward him while the mind saw the bird moving away, was simply too distracting.  We resolved to make a frame for the backdrop and hang it vertically from the curved part of the ceiling.

1/12/2015 Initial Setup

  • With a 1x2 frame attached to the 45° angle wall with custom brackets, the initial setup is ready to go.  Look carefully and you can see the first laser-bird in flight and the DF monitor at the left.  I'm excited


  • While setting my initial SportExcel goals for 2015, I set myself a low level goal of hitting 5/5 at station 3 since I had been struggling getting the hang of it.  The following day I shot 5/5 from station 3 and 4/5 at each of the other stations.  This was without any real effort to get into the zone.  But I was sortof there.


  • Once I got the hang of visualizing a small dot in two dimensions, my scores went way up with both my 682 and my Summit.  I'm ready to start some serious practice.