The Scientific Study of Clay Target Shooting

Stills from Science Channel video on ABM research.  

Case Study #4 
SportExcel Team Training

Working with Bob Palmer of SportExcel, we arranged for a college trap team to take the Ignition Clinic as a team.  Shoot performance both in practice and in competitions will be monitored during the course of this project.


A quick straw poll of the subjects revealed that they were all here to improve some aspect of their "Focus".  Note that one half came to the class to work on REFOCUS issues.


  • 5:00 on a Thursday evening 8 members of the college trap team made time for a briefing about our upcoming 7 week SportExcel clinic. Coach, who had a last minute conflict, came over early to talk.  I consider this a sign of strong commitment on everyone's part. 
  • Coach shared a story a few decades ago when he broke 499/500 in an ATA shoot.  Afterwords, his thought was, "That really wan't all the hard."  He gets it.
  • Informal team captain shared a story from last year.  After completing his first 100 straight in an ATA shoot, he walked off the line, said to his father, "Are those legal targets?  They seemed slow."
  • They were very enthusiastic about the Science Channel video, "Can our minds be hacked."