About ClayMetrics

The Scientific Study of Clay Target Shooting

Who am I?

These are my credentials:

  • M.S. Educational Psychology
  • Ph.D. Research Methods and Statistics
  • Six Sigma certified

Some Relevant Work History

  • University of Wisconsin - Madison: Taught Research Methods and Statistics
  • Boston University: Taught Advanced Statistics
  • Police Foundation: Statistician
  • Avco Computer Services: User Support for Statistical and Natural Language computer languages
  • Addison-Wesley Publishing: Built and Managed PC/Mac support organization
  • Lotus/IBM: Integrated HR Data Systems
  • Fidelity Employer Services: Data Integration and User Design

Where does a chain break?  Of course, at the weakest link. ClayMetrics is an approach, a "methodology" to bring clay shooters to their highest, peak performance.  It is concerned with all aspects of clay shooting although it grew out of four different initiatives:

  1. Identification of trap shooting weaknesses in order to strengthen those weakest links.
  2. Collection of key data to inform the analysis, the best example of which is Shotgun Scorecard from Springbo's Solutions.  
  3. Use of statistical techniques from Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma and the development of new measures in the spirit of SABRmetrics (thanks Bob for suggesting the name).
  4. The "Peak Performance Zone" and the techniques developed by Bob Palmer at Sport Excel to find and enter the zone at will.