Case Studies 

The first stage of a scientific investigation is to explore the topic area learn enough to develop theories and hypotheses which are then candidates for experimentation.

  1. Peak Performance Training:
    In June 2014, 66-year old trap shooter in his third year of competitive Shooting, took the "Ignition" clinic from Bob Palmer at with the goal of improving his ATA trap scores by year end from B class (93.6%) to A class (94.75%).  By October 26, his average was 97.3% AA class. 
  2. Effectiveness of DryFire Trap Simulator at Independence County Shooting Sports
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  3. Effectiveness of DryFire when combined with SportExcel Zone tools.
  4. SportExcel Clinic for College Trap Team.  
  5. Slow Motion Video Training (planned)
  6. Live Video Streaming (in progress)

The Scientific Study of Clay Target Shooting