ClayMetrics is new, but it is based on several well-established disciplines.  Collection and analysis of clay shooting process and results can yield huge benefits by focusing practice time where it will be most useful. Deriving improved measures and analysis of performance are two more links in the success chain.  That's the physical side.

It is generally recognized that top athletes perform at their peak when "in the Zone".  First difficulty is recognizing when you are in the zone and when you are not.  Second step is learning techniques to get in the Zone on demand and return to it as needed.

ClayMetrics is the scientific study of clay target shooting both physical and mental.

Want to Get Involved?

I don't want your money.

I'm looking to partner with others who take seriously the idea that science can assist them to prove the effectiveness of training, ideas, hardware, software and any other approach to improving your performance.  I'm the statistician, I'm the researcher.  Our research can be anonymous or not; your choice not mine.  Let's talk.

Robert Petersen, Ph.D.

The Scientific Study of Clay Target Shooting